An Art Lover’s Affair

At The Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia 2016


“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever lovesmuch performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” – Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)


Art lovers allocate their precious time from the daily grind to look passively and marvel at a piece of painting, sculpture, photograph or print. The number of visitors to art galleries around the country would attest that ‘Art’ is indeed an acquired taste savour by the precious few. For art lovers, regardless of their stations in life, the pleasure and delight of coming across a wonderful piece of work are akin to an unforgettable experience, like first loves. It is with this notion and sentiment that SAYANG SENI 1.0 was conceived as the capital’s latest independent art event dedicated to art lovers.


Making its debut at the international Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia in June 2016, an inaugural event organised by the Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts Consultative Council, SAYANG SENI 1.0 has the participation of some of the capital’s upcoming and reputable galleries.

NV Foundation presents Masterpieces by Dr.Foo Yong Kong From The Collection

画家符永刚,1970年毕业于马来西亚艺术学院,2003年获美国Inter America University 颁发艺术哲学博士。现为马来西亚国际现代书画联盟会长。



JETH Art Gallery

JETH Art Gallery于2015年1月1日成立,是艺术家的代理,并广受认同为促进马来西亚当代与现代艺术的一分子。


The Bauhaus Gallery

The Bauhaus Gallery座落于八打灵再也郊区,成立的宗旨是推广马来西亚当代艺术家的作品。该画廊目标是作为艺术与文化的中枢,成为艺术创作者的聚集地,成为过去经典与现代顶尖当代艺术的大融炉。


品味斋 Pin Wei Zhai Art Gallery



Cube Gallery

Cube Gallery于2008年在马来西亚吉隆坡成立。是东南亚首间及唯一由伊朗人拥有的画廊。开办的最初理念是要把伊朗艺术介绍给其他国家。


A+ Project Presents Jansen Chow



桐昕家具设计Tree & Me Furniture Design



Curate | Henry Butcher

Curate是一个由亨利行艺术拍卖行(Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers)设立的崭新画廊空间,也是马来西亚的先锋,同时也是东南亚地区领先的艺术品拍卖行专门从事马来西亚和东南亚的艺术作品。

Color Cube Art Gallery

受热忱所推动,将缅甸艺术介绍给全世界,Wazo先生伙同MaungOo先生于2012年设立了Color Cube Art Gallery。


V’Art Space

V’Art Space是新晋专门从事亚洲当代艺术的画廊。画廊为艺术爱好者提供了来自亚洲中年和年轻有为的艺术家,迷人的原著和艺术作品。


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