Lee Siang Art Studio

2012年接触了铁线艺术而产生兴趣后,“铁线艺术达人”李祥在去年开设了李祥铁线艺术展览馆(Lee Siang Art Studio), 把铁线艺术发展成为一个活色生香的艺术品,成为公众爭相拍照的艺术品。

2012, after gaining exposure to the “Art of Wire”, he was hooked and soon became the “WireArtProMan”. He subsequently opened the Lee Siang Art Studio as the Wire Art Exhibition Hall.

上禾喫茶趣 Shang Her Enterprise

上禾喫茶趣成立于2009年,由 Mendy Wong 和吕方缇携手创办,公司专注于养生、品茶及推广茶道。

Shang Her Enterprise was founded in 2009 by Mendy Wong and Lui Fang Ti, as a company focused on health, tea tasting, and promotion of tea ceremony.

Persatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif Malaysia


As a NGO, PSJKM carries out a variety of social activities, especially in the field of art and sewing

郑和。朵云轩(马六甲)艺术馆 Zheng He Duo Yun Xuan Art Galeri

大马朵云轩(马六甲)艺术館 依托朵云轩百年品牌,整合优质资源,建成以海派艺术为旗帜、提供一站式服务的“艺术生活销品茂”,成为上海高雅文化新地标.

Today, Duo Yun Xuan is not only a renowned brand, but also an advanced national news publishing system and China National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Research Base.

天目陶艺 Tenmoku Pottery (M)


Build and maintain friendships with clients, associates and colleagues with the gift of Tenmoku Pottery, the ultimate symbol in quality, workmanship and natural beauty.

万胜行龙狮艺术制作 Wan Seng Hang Lion & Dragon Arts

萬胜行龍獅艺术制作是一家專制作舞獅的組織,于1986 年成立,创办人萧斐弘老师曾获得国家文化艺术部颁发的国家工匠艺术大师奖.....

The Wan Seng Hang Lion & Dragon Arts was founded in 1986 by Siow Ho Phiew who was bestowed the National Craftsman Art Award by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture....

中国结 Chinese Knot

郑国民在六、七 年前从书上钻研中国结,无师自通学上了这门手艺。为了吸引很多人了解甚至学习这门手艺,他不断研究大胆创新的中国结款式......

Since initiating research on Chinese Knots from books about six or seven year ago, Mr. Tee Kok Wee is now a master of this art. To attract more people to be interested in the Chinese Knots....



N-World GO was founded in 2011. Today, GO/Weiqi is an international sport and recreation, and has even become a syllabus in education....

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