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拉曼大学学院红砖工作坊 TAR UC Red Bricks Song Composition Society

April 26, 2016




拉曼大学学院红砖工作坊  TAR UC Red Bricks Song Composition Society


《红砖工作坊》成立于1991年。1992 年 3 月,学长们开始以《红砖工作坊》之名常年发表歌曲,以每年一度的主题发表会为里程碑。长达 11 年后才在最后一场发表会 2001《心响》后,随着网络创作的兴起、创作歌曲比赛/ 奖项以及茶坊的式微等等的大环境的转变而逐渐沉寂下来......2011 年,学长们以校友身份回到了拉曼参与交流会。交流会结束,被告知院长要接见。一段午后谈话,让红砖,回家了。2013 年,一群热爱音乐的学员与老砖一起重组了《红砖工作坊》,在每个星期都有一个聚会或分享会,让这个犹如家的团体再度地活跃起来。在一个知名度还不大的情况下,我们举办了一场简单的演绎会,名为《砖情·续意》,同时也一直在招收新的成员为我们《红砖工作坊》加入更多的新血,更多的新元素。我们秉持本土创作的原创精神,推行多元的文字和音乐结合的创作与尝试,多样化的主题创作。《红砖工作坊》坚持用自己的风格,唱出自己的歌!


Red Bricks Song Compositions Society was formed in year 1991. In March 1992, the seniors started to demonstrate their songs under the name of “Red Bricks” and the annual mini concert had become the milestones of Red Bricks. In year 2011, the seniors return to TARC as alumni to organise a mini sharing session with the students. After that, we were informed by the college authorities that Red Bricks will be reformed.In year 2013, a bunch of music lovers, with the aid of the seniors, had reorganised Red Bricks. With the weekly gathering or sharing session, the society was pumped with new breathe again. Under the low profile we had, we had organised a simple mini concert, named <Remembrance>. At the same time, new members were recruited to expand Red Bricks Song Composition Society.


Red Bricks is always a home in our heart, a shelter for every music lovers, a platform for wanderers to comfort their homesickness. It is warm and a close friend for all of us. With the spirit and passion in composing, we have tried variety of combinations of words and music to compose songs with different themes. Since Red Bricks Song Composition Society was formed, we always support in original composition and demonstrate with our way.









In conjunction of 2016 Blossoms Arts Festival Malaysia, TARUC Red Bricks Song Composition Society feel honoured to be invited by the organiser as one of the performers. We plan to make this event as the signature of Reb Bricks and push it to a further destination. <Chapter> concert is the main theme of our event this time. It means we are writing a new chapter about Red Bricks and at the same time review the past achievements of Red Bricks. Thus, we will shortlist around 15 songs ranging from old Red Bricks songs to latest creation from Red Bricks members, and provide them a brand new arrangement as well as a new life.

It has been more than 20 years till today; it is time to make a new milestone of Red Bricks.


>备注: 此音乐会将会以先到先得的形式入座。

>REMARKS: This concert is free seating


>备注: 届时,请打印/出示此邮件以换取入场票

>REMARKS: Kindly print out / show us this email to redeem the ticket on the day.




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