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双溪龙拉曼大学华乐团 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Sungai Long Chinese Orchestra (UTARSLCO)


Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Sungai Long Chinese Orchestra (UTARSLCO) was established on June, 2015. It consists of UTARIANs from different places and these students share their passion and together, convey the idea of traditional Chinese music to the public. Instruments in the orchestra can be divided into five main categories: the bowed strings, plucked strings, wind, bass and percussion. Since established, the Chinese Orchestra has participated in many activities such as musical showcases, sharing sessions, and training camps. In 2016, the orchestra has invited Mr. Goh Hong Lip to become their very first instructor and advisor. UTARSLCO does not only perform traditional Chinese music, but also different types of music styles that are written by Mr. Goh. This is present a whole new image and to change the traditional mindset the public has towards Chinese music.

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