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大乐乐创意音乐工作室 & 人人人鼓剧场 Vivo Experimental Orchestra & Orang Orang Drum Theatre


大乐乐创意音乐工作室 Vivo Experimental Orchestra


在马来西亚的舞台上,大乐乐是以「多变的曲風融合,传统与创作的並进」的独特风格,加上自然流露的超強亲和力,让大乐乐获得了马来西亚戏炬奖颁奖典礼上荣获最佳原创音乐大奖的认同与肯定。「用生命玩音乐、用音乐感动你」一直是大乐乐招牌口号。 帶动观众接近音乐、了解音了及爱上音乐,继续传承【大乐乐文化】引领民乐潮流。让大乐乐迈向专业精神出发,继续分享音乐、分享快乐。

Founded in 2003, Vivo Experimental Orchestra (VEO) is a Malaysian amateur experimental orchestra headed by Stephanie Lem (Wumi Lem) as the artistic director. The orchestra currently has 25 permanent members and 15 trainee members with every one of them being equally passionate towards arts performance. Besides giving impromptu performances as the basis of improvisation, the orchestra is generally divided into two major parts, one for music promotion and development and another for simultaneous training in administrative works and leadership development. Meanwhile, the other members focus on performing in various occasions to enhance and enrich their performing experiences.

人人人鼓剧场 Orang Orang Drum Theatre


人人人鼓剧场的作品曾经到过不同的国内外艺术节,其中包括2013马来西亚精彩十分艺术节(Short and Sweet Festival2013), 2014 Kakiseni 国际艺术节,2014 邦咯海岛节等。国际艺术节包括:台湾云林-东南亚艺术交流计划,印尼海岛节(Indonesia Arts Island Festival),泰国线偶艺术节。它们的第一部鼓剧场作品。《独角戏》在2014年8月于吉隆坡表演艺术中心的制作,五场满座,大获好评并获得第12界BOH金马伦艺术奖颁奖典礼四项提名,最终获得最佳原创音效与音乐,最佳表演组合两个奖项。2015年,他们受邀到两个欧洲艺术节:威尼斯户外舞台艺术节,比利时城市舞蹈艺术节。同年,也在白沙罗表演艺术中心(DPAC),完成了第二个剧场制作《众鼓歌》。2016年,人人人鼓剧场率领100多名中学鼓手,在吉隆坡表演艺术中心(klpac)发表《咚嗒击》鼓乐演奏会。

Orang Orang Drum Theatre was founded by Boyz Chew Soon Heng and Zyee Leow Sze Yee. The company was formed in 2013 with the vision to explore and develop the possibilities between two perfor​​​​​​​​ming arts disciplines: drumming and theatre. Besides developing a new genre of performing arts in Malaysia, we also tour our performance pieces to various communities in Malaysia. We believe that art is a great way of bringing people together: They can listen, watch, feel, and share with one another.


劈哩啪啦 劈哩啪啦 我们又带着惊喜而来了!虽然曲目一样可是却带着无比期待的兴奋想跟您分享音乐!而且除了大乐乐,大乐乐诚意邀请「动力十足」的「人人人鼓剧团」和我们同欢共乐。「人人人鼓剧团」是本地一组非常有创意及玩味很重的鼓团,我们延续分享音乐+互动说故事,一定要颠覆一般传统的音乐会的刻板印象,到时候一定要你玩Fun天!準备好了!

Vivo Experimental Orchestra is back and we are bringing you a concert where you can not only with yourselves but with your friends and families in "PILIPALAH" with exciting set of pieces for all of us to enjoy and have a blast! Furthermore, we are honoured to invite Orang-Orang Drum Theatre to join with us, a group of energetic, passionate and creative group of lively people especially on stage. We also offer different experiences to our dear beloved audiences as we will take all of you into untold stories in conjunction with live music to go with it as we are trying to give the audience a fresh new take on how a music concert can really be. What are you waiting for? Get yourself hyped up and get ready for the time of your lives!


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