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吉隆坡汉风舞蹈团 Han Fong Dance Ensemble


吉隆坡汉风舞蹈团 Han Fong Dance Ensemble


舞团的舞者来自各个不同领域的专业人士与在籍学生,舞蹈员都是利用下班及放学时间,每星期花上至少12小时的时间,重复不断地进行舞蹈排练,力求完美。我们一直相信,虽然我们是业余舞者,论技术技巧或许比不上专业,但态度必须是专业的。在黄祥志的教导下,舞团过去10年,也在国内外各大舞蹈演出与赛事获得肯定,其中作品《仕女图》更在2010年(香港)紫荆杯国际舞蹈邀请赛中荣获优秀女演员奖及最佳服装奖、2014年文化中国: 全球华人中华才艺大赛中荣获银奖,是黄老师及吉隆坡汉风舞蹈团的成名之作。

Han Fong Dance Ensemble is a non-profit dance organisation that mainly consists of non-full time dancers. The ensemble is made up of members from different age

groups and backgrounds, but all share a common passion towards Chinese dance. performances and thus devote precious after-work and study hours to rehearsals, which amounts up to 12 hours a week.

Since its inception in 2006, the ensemble has actively participated and garnered awards in both local and overseas Chinese dance festivals and competitions. The ensemble has staged three major productions thus far, "Dance Allure” (2009), “A Poetic Rhapsody” (2011) and “Flow” (2014).




Dance. In Retrospect

Following the success of the 4th dance showcase in January this year, HFDE is kicking off a nationwide performance tour to bring the show to a bigger audience. 'Dance. In Retrospect' is a retrospective on local artist and artistic director Justin Wong Cheong Chee's works of the past three decades, as well as a celebration of HFDE's tenth anniversary. The showcase presents 16 acclaimed dance pieces that received local and international recognitions, of which 5 of the dances are presented in two medleys. The duration of the performance is approximately 2 hours.

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