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国际大汇演 - 台湾Punch打击乐团


Punch打击乐团 Punch Percussion Group


Punch percussion Group devotes themselves to finding new and creative ideas for percussion. The group performed over 300 performances in major theatres and festivals. Percussion with crystal glasses and creative percussion show were performed on TV and on various occasions. Percussion in Life (Chef Percussion) was also performed in Live Show in Taiwan, a Repertory theatre. The group also actively participates in charity events for hospitals, prisons, and orphanages.




Punch the world

The punch percussion group devotes itself to developing new and creative ideas for percussion. The group has performed in major theatres and festivals on over 300 occasions.

This time they will be playing classical percussion. Punch's creativity, melded with the culture of Taiwan and its members’ strong classical ability, integrates elements from daily life, making percussion more interesting and allowing audiences to experience the fascination of percussion's rhythmic variety.

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