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国际大汇演 - 国立台湾师范大学表演艺术研究所 NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts

May 8, 2016



国立台湾师范大学表演艺术研究所 NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts






Performing arts are the core industry of cultural creative industry in the 21st century. It is also the essential sources of creation and innovation for many creation-related industries. As a result, the developed countries, such as European countries, America, and Japan, have put more emphasis on performing arts. In addition, performing arts are also taken into account when the government sets up regulations regarding education and economic development.

Through integrating eastern artistic content and spirit with western culture, combining classic and modern features, and putting equal emphasis on theory and practice, the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts endeavors to provide fine-quality training for on-stage and backstage performing artists, hoping to catapult Taiwan’s performing arts to the world stage.






"Soul Mountain" Dance Theater

Produced by Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, directed and choreographed by the full-time faculty Prof. I-Fang Wu, who was the principal dancer of the “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre”.  The “Soul Mountain” Dance Theater is based on the literature “SOUL MOUNTAIN”, the year 2000 Nobel Prize in literature written by GAO Xingjian.  Mr. Wu transformed human’s emotion, desire and the scenery of the “Soul Mountain” into dance as if the imagination of a lonely journey. Through seeing floating lights during the journey, the author connected to the circumstances in life, a journey of exploration of the mind between actuality and virtual reality.

"Soul Mountain" Dance Theater combines dance, music, visual and setting design to give a newer experience for audience than its literature work. This production is choreographed by I-Fang Wu, music composed by Wen-Ta Juang and Ching-Wen Chao, visual by Ho-Chieh Shu and Mao-Chia Huang who have converted hundreds of GAO Xingjian’s original photographs into images on stage, and the famous lighting designer Wen-An Wu.






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