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心向太阳剧坊 The Heart Towards the Sun

《华穗节 “RePlay剧 • 在一起” 中小学生戏剧观摩大汇演》

心向太阳剧坊 The Heart Towards the Sun



From early established in the year 2000, The Heart Towards the Sun Theatre (HTTS) plays its role in caring and educating public about drama. We serve as a non-profit organization. Our scope of activities include drama performances and education, publication of a theatre magazine and music album, operation of the Drama Library, participating conferences in Hong Kong ,China and Taiwan as well as the organizer of drama contest and script reading contest. We stay firmly on the principal that always donate to the charity groups who needs help by using the tickets donation of drama performance collected from public.

《华穗节 “RePlay剧 • 在一起” 中小学生戏剧观摩大汇演》


《华穗节 “RePlay剧 • 在一起” 中小学生戏剧观摩大汇演》,邀请优秀的校园话剧团队,藉此机会让学生们更深入的研究与探讨,互相交流彼此演出心得之外,也将这把“未来国家栋梁”的声音,传播和推广到广大的社会群众。

此次呈献校园话剧的优秀队伍,包括来自帝沙再也华文小学戏剧社的《窗外有蓝天》、芙蓉中华中学戏剧学会的《未来》、吧生中华独立中学戏剧社的《我想回家》及哇哈哈创艺剧社的《谁说我不行?! 》、《每月一经》和《我们这一家都是 … …》。

“RePlay Drama Performance”

ShuXiang National Drama Contest was held since year 2008 and it been participated by more than 150 groups of primary and secondary school students in Malaysia. More than 1000 students were given the changes to be on stage to show their talents in this field. It becomes a precious opportunity a platform for them to train themselves as well as developing and promote the arts of drama among students in Malaysia.

“RePlay Drama Performance” participates by selected primary and secondary school students who had great performance in ShuXiang National Drama Contest 2015. With this, we provide a better and healthier environment for them to voice out via the arts of drama, as well as develop their talent.

The great performance are brought to you by Drama Society of SJK(C) Desa Jaya with their title <The Beautiful World>, Chung Hua High School Seremban Drama Society <Future>, Chung Hua Independent High School Drama Society <I Want to be Back Home> and Wahaha Creative Studio <Just Do It?!>, <Once In A Month>, and <We Are Big Family …… >.

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