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新生代音乐工作者 New Generation Musicians


新生代音乐工作者 New Generation Musicians


We are a group of young people, passionate about music, and we get together to form this small music group. In our team, we have young musicians with long-time experiences onstage, rising stars who have won various competitions, and also amateurs joining us for their first public showcase. This will be our first collaboration ever. It is indeed a fact that we have our differences in performing experience and even our personality, but it is this individuality of ours that ignites the spark in our music.





The theme of our performance is "Fantasia”. "梦” (Dream) symbolizes our dreams for music. All 7 of us have started learning music at a very young age, and we have always hoped for one day that we can stand on the stage and show everyone our music. "响” (Ring) symbolizes our dreams finally ringing to life, for we now have the chance to perform and share wonderful music with you! In this concert, we will lead you along our musical journey from the Baroque era into the Romantic period of Western classical music, followed by a turn into Hayao Miyazaki's animated world, and finally we will end the show with some popular songs of the decade. There will be various piano and violin solos, ensembles and band performances all jam packed into our one and a half hour performance. We welcome you to join us on our musical journey and witness our dreams coming to life onstage!

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