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沙廸亚赛吧吧思菩提合唱团 Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir


沙廸亚赛吧吧思菩提合唱团 Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir

合唱团于2001年首次在印度平达湾为世尊赛峇峇演出,获得赛峇峇及观众们的赞许。于是合唱团于2005年正式成立,取名为赛峇峇思菩提合唱团。合唱团演唱曲目广泛,除了演译巴赞颂歌合唱歌曲以弘扬世尊赛峇峇大爱的教义, 也演唱佛曲、圣歌、优秀的中国民歌、艺术歌曲,现代创作歌曲和外语合唱歌曲。本团曾多次例如2006年,2007年及2015年被赛组织诚邀在印度(Andra Pradesh, Prashanti Nilayam)赛峇峇道场演唱,也在新加坡举办世界大会(第四区域)中演唱;同时亦参与本国雪隆“欢乐之声”合唱交流会及与各合唱团作交流演出,一再获得好评。

The Choir had its first presentation in before our Guru Swami Sathya Sai Baba in Brindavan, India in the year 2001 in conjunction with the celebration of Wesak and was received with good acclaims by both Swami and the crowd. Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir was then officially formed in 2005. The Choir has since then made subsequent presentation before our Guru Swami Sai Baba in India in 2006, 2007 and 2015 respectively.The Choir sings a wide repertoire of songs. The songs include re-arranged bhajan songs in praise of Sai Baba and his teachings, Buddhist and Christian hymns. In addition thereto, Chinese Arts songs, Folk songs, contemporary as well as pop songs in various languages are sang too by the Choir too.



“爱的旋律”合唱演出旨在为大家奉献一场高品质的合唱音乐会,开辟流行音乐之外的新天地,让广大观众走进多风格音乐的殿堂,在优美的音乐中了解本土以及世界各地的优秀合唱, 多部重唱作品,领略各种形式各地风情声乐演唱。


爱的旋律 II, 演出的曲目包括 “The Prayer”, 凤阳花鼓,红尘, Sejahtera Malaysia;和巴赞颂歌合唱歌曲。尚有二重唱,四重唱和小组曲目如意大利名曲Funiculi – Funicala, La Ci Darem La Mo,中国民歌“送我一支玫瑰花”通俗歌曲, “情人的眼泪”等。

Melody of Love II

Melody of Love II - presented by Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir aims to show case new realms of music beyond popular music. The Choir aspires to share its beautiful sounds and voices to the public in the hope that it will inspire others and to allow audiences to enjoy and draw insights from its musical presentation.

Led by Vocal Instructor and Conductor Jeson Chia Shyh Horng and piano accomplishment by Lau Seow Yong, Samantha Chew, the Choir consisting of 23 voices is able to present to you a variety of songs of different genres.

For the Blossom Arts Festival – Melody of Love II, in the evening of 12 June 2016, the performing numbers by the Choir will be The Prayer, 凤阳花鼓,红尘(in Cantonese),Yuga Yuga Ke Avathara (in Sanskrit ) and Sejahtera Malaysia, to mention but a few.

There will also be songs sang in duets, quartet, small groups etc. The repertoires cover a wide range of songs from Italian songs like Funiculi – Funicala, La Ci Darem La Mo, Chinese Folks songs such as送我一支玫瑰花 and popular songs like All I Ask of You, 情人的眼泪 etc.

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