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马来西亚合唱联盟 Malaysia Choral Federation


马来西亚合唱联盟 Malaysian Choral Federation

马来西亚合唱联盟 (MCF) 是由一班经验丰富的合唱导师,秉持着对合唱艺术教育炽热的情怀与热诚,以推广与发展马来西亚的合唱环境为使命而创立的。合唱联盟希望通过本身的人脉与网络,连接并帮组各个国内的合唱团。此外,通过组织或者协助主办合唱活动和合唱指挥课程以提升合唱教育环节。他们成立的宗旨也包括,通过出版合唱活动刊物,让会员们更能够掌握过去以及即将进行的合唱活动,以期整合国内外的合唱活动时间表;以及通过成为马来西亚和国际的桥梁,向国外推荐本国的人才以及迎进国外的专才,来达至国际艺术教育交流,促进发展。此艺术节演出队伍包括巴生室内合唱团、巴生爱韵合唱团、Young Choral Academy 青少年合唱团、马来西亚艺术学院合唱团、拉曼大学学院合唱团、世界青少年合唱团与亚太青少年合唱团历年代表。

Malaysia Choral Federation (MCF) is an establishing body, composed by a group of experienced and passionate choral directors. It projects the vision to promote and to develop the general standard of choral scenery in Malaysia.

Through acting as the liaison body for the choral activities of the nation; through organizing or assist to organize major events pertaining to choral singing and choral conducting; through publishing bulletins on the choral movement and coordinating in choral calendar of the national and international events; and through recruiting candidates or recommending choirs for international choral festivals and competitions, MCF aims to be the spokesman for the choral development and participation in the international conference or symposium. The performing groups for Blossom Art Festival include: Klang Chamber Choir, La Voce Choir, Young Choral Academy Youth Choir, Malaysia Institute of Arts SATB Choir, TAR University College Choir, and World Youth Choir and Asia-Pacific Youth Choir representatives.


马来西亚青少年合唱艺术节 26.6.16 (第一天)


Malaysian Youth Choir Festival 26.6.2016 (Day 1)

Multiple International awards-winning youth choirs as well as the talents chosen to represent Malaysia to World Youth Choir and Asia-Pacific Youth Choir in the past, coming together to share the same stage and to celebrate the new millennia of choral milestone through singing and exchange. Each choir will be performing a 15-minutes programme of their own choice. After that, all choirs will combine under the direction of 2 award-winning conductors – Lee Shiak Yao and Mak Chi Hoe for 2 closing songs.

马来西亚青少年合唱艺术节 27.6.2016(第二天)

马来西亚合唱联盟成功的邀请著名的澳洲墨尔本大学合唱团 – EXAUDI Choir,在合唱艺术节的旗下,专场演出。客席演出团体包括 Harmonix Youth Choir,来自:SMK Damansara Jaya。

Malaysian Youth Choir Festival27.6.2016 (Day 2)

Exaudi Choir from Melbourne University will be continuing the celebration of choral singing tonight.

Guest performing group – Harmonix Youth Choir (from SMK Damansara Jaya

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