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吉隆坡美术学院 Kuala Lumpur College of Art Alumni Association

吉隆坡美术学院 (KLCA) 成立于一九六八年,由谢有锡先生发起,李明堂同学和邓光先生的协助,联合创办。学院以我国首都为校名,它位于吉隆坡端姑亚都拉曼路和依斯迈路交汇处的教总大夏三楼,交通四通八达。学院的办学理念强调完整的教育发展必须涵盖德、智、体、群、美五育。三十六年来,院长在美育的开创,带领一群美术老师为学院培育了数千名各类美术人才,对国家、画坛和教育界作出巨大贡献。回顾过去,三十六年的耕耘,建立了你我,成就了大家;展望未来,随着吉隆坡美术学院校友会的成立, KLCA的精神, 仍在延续。

Kuala Lumpur College of Art (KLCA) was founded in 1968 by renowned local artist and art educator Cheah Yew Saik as he envisaged the need of art education to provide art related curriculum in the 60s. Since its establishment till it ceased operation in 2005, over a period of 36 years, the college has nurtured hundreds of outstanding fine art artists, potters, sculptors, art teachers, photographers, and designers in fashion, commercial art field and in other art based professions. It has made considerable and influential contribution to the society.

In appreciation, a group of enthusiastic KLCA alumni, has successfully registered and formed the Persatuan Alumni Maktab Seni Lukis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KLCA Alumni Association) officially in 2014. The aim is to join forces of KLCA alumni from all over Malaysia, and also to provide a variety of opportunities and platforms for them to showcase their talent and continue to shine with the spirit of KLCA.

Tang Hong Lee

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