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李文杰教练是新世界围棋棋院 N-World Go总经理,也是马来西亚围棋协会理事。他多次代表马来西亚参加国内外围棋赛事与交流,更在2013年开始培训年轻一代围棋棋手。此外,新世界围棋学院成立于2011年。围棋是个高尚的教育和国际承认的体育项目,在世界各地备受关注,甚至被列入亚运会项目之一,然而围棋在马来西亚的普及程度不佳,棋院的创立是要朝向围棋全马普及化的方向,让更多的人有机会接触与学习围棋这项优美的中华文化。

Weiqi is an intellectually stimulating game, strategy based game. It is also the oldest strategy game in the world with a history of more than 3,000 years. With the thousands of years focused, Weiqi was spreading around the world. Currently, Go education had abroad much attention, and also included in the school curriculum. Although with simple rules and very easy to learn, it is considered to be one of the most difficult games compared to other strategy games.

Lee Mun Kit, who are General Manager of N-World GO Academy and also member council of Malaysia Weiqi Association. He not only represented Malaysia to participate in domestic and international competitions and seminar, but also started to train the younger generation Go players in year 2013.

Besides, N-World GO was founded in 2011. Weiqi is an internationally recognized sport and recreation, and education subject. It is also one of the tournaments on the Asian Game, but Weiqi is less popular in Malaysia. The main purpose of N-world is to promote and market Weiqi in Malaysia, to provide the opportunity for more Malaysian to get to know this beautiful traditional Chinese strategy game.

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