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The main founder of Heaven & Earth is Amanda Yeong and Hansen Khoo. Before this, they are actually engaged in fine arts. In year 1998, they graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur. During year 2001, they went to China and admitted to Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts China in year 2002.

At first, they are only simple tea lovers. However, responding to commodity markets not their mind to pursue of tea products, they began to germinate the idea of their own custom tea. They already started the first ordered of their ideal tea for more than ten years.

The purpose of created their own brand of tea is to hope there are standard, and excellent raw materials to produce high-quality of tea products. In the addition, they also want the tea lover enhance the tradition of Chinese tea culture, at the same time create a better future, healthy, green and harmonious society.

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