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一直以来,天目陶瓷都强调回归大自然的原则,并且将这些元素 日常生活中,然而,每一件陶器的颜色与纹理都代表着它是一个特别的存在。

Since being established in 1989, Tenmoku Pottery has become one of the leading players within the pottery industry. Its distribution has even passed international waters and is now recognized in Europe, the United States, Australia and South East Asia.

Tenmoku Pottery specializes in award-winning quality pottery work for home décor and dining as well as jewelry pieces and gifts. All items are made entirely by hand and with a strong artistic touch. Featuring lively designs borne out of nature such as flora and fauna, each Tenmoku creation is all-natural and has no artificial ingredient added in its making. A Tenmoku masterpiece may include exclusive touches such as authentic platinum and gold.

Tenmoku Pottery dedicates itself to bring back the essence of nature to our daily lives – indeed, owning a Tenmoku Pottery item is akin to celebrating life itself since the philosophy behind each item is a tribute to nature and the human race. Tenmoku masterpiece tell a special story of its own.

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