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张培业 Cheung Pooi Yip

张培业 Cheung Pooi Yip著名画家张培业,1936年出生於马来西亚槟城州张培业创作50年,从初期到现在,无间的探索和追求,由述写,油画,水彩,水墨画法压克力等。他融汇了各种画类的精髓,严谨钻究东方传统线条的优美和西方现代色彩的多姿。他每一个驿站的创作,都有他个人不同的演绎。作品中挥洒流畅,神韵腾达,洋溢缤纷大然的美,美在自然中的安逸。张培业作品50载历程。曾参与国际联展,计有日本,新加坡,印度,中国,泰国,印尼,香港,台湾,瑞典,比利时,巴西,韩国,约旦等。

Born 1936 in Penang, Malaysia, Cheung Pooi Yip has 50 years of experience with art. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly on sketching, oil painting, watercolour painting and acrylic painting. He incorporates the essence of different painting techniques and synthesises the delicate Chinese strokes and vibrant hues of western style in paintings. Every piece of his work is unique and non-repeating, presenting the beauty of natural sceneries in smooth brush lines. His works have been showcased in international exhibitions held in countries like Japan, Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, Korea and Jordan.

張培業 , Highland Scene , 5, Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 91cm, 2016

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