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李乾耀 Lee Kean Yau


Lee obtained his PhD in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Hong Kong, an M.A in Chinese Language from Nanyang Technological University and a B.A in Chinese Literature from the National University of Taiwan. His research areas include Literature studies, Classical Literature as well as art painting ideology, Confucian ideology and Taoism. He has published numerous papers in international art seminars and journals. Well-versed in four classic calligraphic scripts, his works were showcased in international calligraphy exhibitions and have won various calligraphy awards both at home and abroad. He has also been invited to radio stations, higher education institutes and corporations to give talks on calligraphy and culture, as well as to write articles for newspapers, magazines and art galleries on a regular basis. Currently, he has more than 20 years of teaching experience in Calligraphy. He started the services of Chinese Seal Art from year 1994.

李乾耀-金文, 中堂《李白〈寻山僧不遇作〉》

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