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谢文川 Sia Boon Chuan

1963年毕业于台湾师范大学教育系,曾任马来西亚水彩画会会长。谢文川的水彩绘画创作,内容涉及甚广,远至澳洲黄金海岸、印尼巴厘岛、台北 的野柳、西湖的荷花以及黄山的光明顶和玉屏楼;近为马六甲的红屋、槟城的“光大”地标、登嘉楼的渔船、关丹海岸和沙拉越的渔村。他的作品,无论是乡村或城市,山峦或海洋,都让人享受了宁静和美好。画家善用水的张力和扩散特性来表现水彩的美感,他擅长渲染、留白技法,揉合了东、西绘画的特色,把握色彩水分交融的奥妙,兼具写实与寓意的精神。踏实而自然地创造了美好的绘画人生。

Graduating with an Education Degree from the National Taiwan Normal University in 1963, Sia Boon Chuan was once the President of the Malaysian Watercolour Society. His paintings cover a wide range of themes including Australia’s Gold Coast, Indonesia’s Bali Island, Taipei’s Yeliu Geopark, Lotus Flowers of West Lake, as well as Bright Summit Peak and Jade Screen Pavilion of Mt Huangsan. Local sceneries like the Red Square in Malacca, Komtar landmark in Penang, fishing boats of Terengganu, Kuantan seaside and fishing villages of Sarawak are also part of his works. Every piece of his work presents beauty and calmness, where the soft touches of watercolours leave an impeccable finish to the paintings, depicting the love of his life as an artist.

谢文川, 古城雨景 Raining Season, 55x75, 2014

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