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韩彪 Hon Peow


Hon Peow is the Chinese Art painting mentor and consultant present major art associations such as Consultant of Penang Chinese Brush Painting Art Society, Consultant of Cao Tang Men Eastern Art Society and so on. He pursues the creative route of Chinese Art painting right from the beginning because by using Chinese brushes, water, and Chinese ink, one can depict the beauty of nature from all angles. This ‘beauty’ is exciting and thrilling to him; he is totally engrossed in Chinese Art painting, that’s why Hon Peow picks this as his medium of expression. Most of the works centralized around human and nature which arouse inspiration: joy and sadness, beautiful and ugly. Hon Peow using his ‘heart feelings’ to depict the ‘great beauty’ of human and nature.

韩彪 - 2015年 八月橡果哔噗声 95-84cm

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