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JETH Art Gallery

JETH Art Gallery于2015年1月1日成立,是艺术家的代理,并广受认同为促进马来西亚当代与现代艺术的一分子。该画廊展示新崛起及成名已久的本地艺术家作品,致力发掘具备多元文化思维与西方技艺的本地艺术家。我们热切的希望提升艺术家对艺术的洞察力,促使马来西亚当代艺术迈向国际。

Founded on 1st Jan 2015, JETH Art Gallery acts an agent for artists and is recognized for promoting contemporary art and modern art within Malaysia. Has been curating and showing works of local artists who are both emerging and established, especially, discovering and promoting local artists who combine multicultural thinking with Western technique. We ardently hope to improve the artistic perceptiveness of the artists, to let contemporary Malaysia art a future internationally by attracting the attention of the regions.

JETH Art Gallery_Lee Han Huei_Charming #5_24inch x 60inch_Acrylic on Canvas_2015

Lee Han Huei, Charming #5, 24inch x 60inch, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015.

JETH Art Gallery

1.3 - 1.5, First Floor,

Selangor Complex, Jalan Sultan,

50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact Person

Yeoh Yoke Seen

6012 209 9531

T +603 2022 2886


Participating Artist

Lee Han Huei

May Tham Siew Moi

Ng Kok Leong

Tan Chiang Kiong

Tony Ng

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