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郑善文Chong Sin Mun

May 14, 2016

作品简介 Artwork Information


追梦 Chasing after dreams


题材  Material: 帆布 Canvas

媒体 Media : 丙烯颜料 Acrylic

尺寸 Size: 8“ X 8”


内容 Details               :             


Time makes people grow, but it will never wash our dreams away if we keep running for it..



希望一切美梦 Sweet dreams


题材 Material:  软锅垫 Pot Holder

媒体 Media: 丙烯颜料 Acrylic

尺寸 Size : 14cm diameter


内容 Details         

无论日常生活不管是上课还是上班会有多累,即使再累,都希望回到家里可睡得安宁。No matter how tough and tired your life is, we hope that we can sleep soundly at our home.


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