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Color Cube Art Gallery

受热忱所推动,将缅甸艺术介绍给全世界,Wazo先生伙同MaungOo先生于2012年设立了Color Cube Art Gallery。这种合作方式将著名和备受推崇MaungOo先生的老道经验,以及而自1990年代就开始投身缅甸艺术的Wazo先生对真正缅甸艺术作品的鉴赏能力,一并带到Color Cube画廊,并擦出火花。

尽管作为一家艺术界的新晋画廊,但Color Art画廊却吸引到著名艺术家,如Bogie,Aye Min 和SoeNaing,他们在缅甸的作品非常受欢迎。Color Cube画廊现在正逐步踏足国际展览会,以提供筛选过和杰出的艺术作品,让缅甸以外的收藏家有机会拥有之余,也将缅甸艺术作品推向国际受到认可。

Motivated by a desire to introduce and offer Myanmar art to the world, Mr. Wazo Win Myint teamed up with Mr. Tin MaungOo to set up Color Cube Gallery in 2012.This collaboration brings to Color Cube Gallery, the experience and works of Mr. Tin MaungOo,a renowned and respected artist in his own right, and the ability of Mr. Wazo to spot artworks which are truly representative of Myanmar art, given Mr. Wazo’s involvement in the local art scene which goes back to the 1990s.

Despite being a newcomer, Color Cube Gallery has attracted reputable artists such as Bogie,Aye Min and SoeNaing, whose works are much sought after in Myanmar.Color Cube Gallery is now venturing to take part in international exhibitions to offer selected and exceptional artworks to enable collectors outside of Myanmar to own such pieces as well as to bring international recognition to Myanmar art..

Tin Maung oO , Myanmar Puppet, Acrylic, 75cmx75cm, 2016.

Color Cube Art Gallery

77, (A3), Sin Ye Kan Road,

Ahlone Township,

Yangon, Myanmar.

Contact Person

Wazo Win Myint

+95 9 7933 68774

T +95 1 542725


Participating Artist

Aye Min

Soe Naing

Tin Maung Oo

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