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E-Able Training Institute

E-Able 学院简介

丹斯里李金友於二零零四年创办E-Able Training Institute,十二年来所有经费皆由他个人独立承担,仁者精神令人赞叹。E-Able 学院是一所提供平等教育机会予各种族生理挑战型或思维挑战型人士的教育中心,丹斯里李金友以圣人的经典为办学理念,旨在启发个人的生命智慧;同时传授特殊学生电脑科技工艺使之生命与经济两者皆能独立。

“E-Able”为丹斯里李金友之独创理念,他认为“E”具有许多正能量,例如“Enlightenment启发”、“Enthusiasm热忱”、“Efficiency”(效率)、“Effectiveness 效用” “Elegance典雅”、“energy活力”、“electronic电子”,“excellency 卓越”, “extraordinary非同凡响”。学院遵循丹斯里李金友之办学理念,教育特殊学生化“障碍”为“能力”,由“disable”变成自立自强的“E-Able”,甚至成为社会菁英。


  • 反映特殊学生坚毅的学习力以生存于充斥负面能量的社会

  • 赋予特殊学生影响与启迪他人的力量

  • 教育群众关于不幸者的权利

  • 培养热爱生命与关怀他人的文化

  • 为合格的毕业生觅职

Introduction to E-Able Training Institute

E-Able Training Institute is an education center that indiscriminately and patiently provides learning opportunities to the physically & mentally challenged. It was established by the Founder of Country Heights Group, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Lee Kim Yew on 5th October 2004. In addition, it is fully sponsored by the founder, hence, E-Able is able to provide learning opportunities and facilities for free to all the students that fulfill requirements.

The class syllabuses emphasize on exploring the unique talent in each individual through Information Technology (IT) and through classics education which emphasize on morality and wisdom. According to Tan Sri Lee, I.T. is created to help the physically challenged and Classics education is created to help the mentally challenged. Besides, classics education is the best way to enlighten our true nature, hence creates wisdom in terms of life great learning and in terms of academic studying.

Based on these, E-Able’s mission are:

• Reflect E-Able students’ strong will to learn humbly and live better in current society that is corrupted with negativity

• Empower E-Able students to influence and inspire others

• Educate the public about the rights of the unfortunate

• Cultivate a common culture to care for other and loving life

• Plan career path for E-Able students if they are qualified and ready for working

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