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台湾树德科技大学人类性学研究所 Shu-Te University, Taiwan



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两性生活对话的艺术 The art of men-women life dialogue

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Postgraduate of Graduate School of Human Sexuality at Shu-Te University, Taiwan

3. 团体简介

台湾高雄树德科技大学人类性学所于2015年在马来西亚雪兰 莪新纪元学院开办境外硕士班,名为“台湾树德科技大学人类性学研究所境外硕士班” 。



The Graduate School of Human Sexuality at Shu-Te University was established and authorized by Ministry of Education in May, 2000 and the doctoral program was sat up later in 2006.

Its mission is to foster advanced researchers and professionals in sexuality fields, including sexuality educators, sexual counselors, and sex therapists. It is the only institution of the kind in entire Asia



日期:25-6-2016 (星期六)


地点:马华大厦M楼活动(Suite 1 & 2)


  1. 青春期与性花园-性教育的重要

  2. 含苞-青春期的身体变化

  3. 含苞待放-青少年性困惑,性问题及性议题

  4. 绽放-全人的性

  5. 听见花开的声音-如何爱护自己的身体

Sexuality Education Talk

Slot: Sexual education topic for Adolescent

Date:25-6-2016 (Saturday)


Venue: Mezzanine Floor, Suite 1 & 2,Wisma MCA


  1. Adolescent sexual & reproductive Heath-The importance of sexual education

  2. Adolescent sexual development

  3. Adolescent sexual frequently asked question & controversy

  4. Sexuality

  5. How to protect yourself from sexual assault


日期:25-6-2016 (星期六)


地点:马华大厦M楼活动(Suite 1 & 2)


  1. 性不性由你~“性”在婚姻关系中的重要!

  2. 性福指数大揭秘!~现代夫妻的性困境!

  3. 当火星撞地球!~性的心理需求,男女大不同!

  4. 豆浆还是油条?~男女对性的错误迷思!

  5. 性福再破表!~如何共筑美好的性关系。

Slot: Sexual education topic for Adult

Date:26-6-2016 (Sunday)


Venue: Mezzanine Floor, Suite 1 & 2,Wisma MCA


  1. The importance of marital sex.

  2. The common sex problems in a marriage.

  3. The difference in sex needs between men and women.

  4. The common misconceptions men and women have about sex.

  5. How to build healthy and happy sex life in a marriage.

讲师简介:蔡淑铃 Clara Chua

  • 拉曼学院辅导文凭。Diploma in Counseling

  • UCSI心理学学士。Degree in Psychology

  • 台湾树德科技大学人类性学硕士研究生。Postgraduate of Graduate School of Human Sexuality at Shu-Te University


  • 曙光心灵成长中心创办人、总监暨心理谘商师。

  • 台湾华神教牧辅导硕士。

  • 台湾树德科技大学人类性学硕士研究生。

  • 台湾爱家基金会PREPARE/ENRICH 婚前/婚后成长课程协谈员。

  • 妇女、家庭与社会发展部 <婚后成长课程> 认证讲师。

  • 马新社电视台、爱FM电台特约节目嘉宾。

  • 星洲日报<伴我同行>辅导信箱主持人。

  • 2011、2012及2013年三度入围马来西亚十大杰出青年奖。

  • 著有《可以说的秘密》、《一同找到幸福》及《隐形的翅膀》。

  • Founder, director and psychological consultant of D’Dawn Psychological Development Center.

  • Master of Pastoral Counseling, by China Evangelical Seminary, Taiwan.

  • Postgraduate from Master of Human Sexuality, by Shu-Te University, Taiwan.

  • Counselor of Prepare/Enrich Professional Marriage Program, by Focus On The Family, Taiwan.

  • Qualify Lecturer of Marriage Enrich Program by LPPKN, Malaysia.

  • Bernama TV station, Ai FM broadcasting station special guest.

  • Host of counseling column “Walking Together” from Sin Chew Daily.

  • Finalist of The Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2011, 2012 and 2013.

  • Author of “Chasing Happiness Together”, “Secrets Uncovered” and “The Wing Unseen”.

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