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台湾萍影舞集 Ping-Shadow Dance Theatre

萍影舞集 Ping-Shadow Dance Theatre



Ping-Shadow Dance Theatre is famous for developing and elaborating the beauty of dance. Our dance ensemble is devoted to making dancing arts more close to daily lives and also increasing art appreciation.

Our dance creations not only inherit the essence of Chinese culture, but also contain elements of ballet and traditional Chinese dance. Two of our most well-known performances are "The Beauty of The Garden of Peaches" and "Hung Kuei Cakes"(also known as "Dancing Puppets"). "The Beauty of the Garden of Peaches" is a combination of ballet and Taiwanese folk dance. It shows some of the special features of Taiwan, Tung blossoms, peach orchard, Taiwan blue magpie, and temples, etc. " Hung Kuei Cakes " is inspired by the popular characters and stories of the traditional Chinese glove puppetry. Both of these works present our native cultures and daily lives through the art of dance.

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