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郑和•朵云轩(马六甲)艺术馆 Zheng He Duo Yun Xuan Art Galeri


李翔(负责日期:6月4日、5日) (朵云轩苏州馆长,暂替代其他未抵达马来西亚的鉴定专人)





陈健从事玉文化研究三十余年,对中华五千年的玉文化有着深入的研究和独到的见解,对古代玉文化的发展特别是春秋、战国及两汉文化有很高的鉴赏水准。曾在理论与实践指导全书、报刊上发表论文,在国内、港、澳、台享有很高的影响力。陈健先生深厚玉文化底蕴,把五千年的玉文化和古玉的传统工艺与现代人的审美情趣相结合。 Postgraduate of Institutes China Symbol Culture, Nanjing University, Chinese Senior Technology Artists, A member of China Bullion Centre National Light Industry Council Expert Group Present: — Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Province Jewel and Jade Industry Association — 13th Member of Suzhou Chinese people's political consultative conference (c.p.p.c.c.) — The President of Suzhou Jade Culture Industry Association

Chen jian was appointed as a judge for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th of China Jade Bai Hua Award, consecutively appointed as a judge for the 5th Shanghai Shen Gong (Masterpiece) Award and Lu Zhi Gang Trophy.

Chen Jian has been studying in Jade for more than 30 years and has profound knowledge and distinctive perspective on the history of Chinese Jade Culture, notably refined connoisseurship of the development of ancient jade culture during the spring and autumn period, warring states period and Han dynasties.

He had published related thesis in theoretical and practical guide as well as newspaper which have massive influence in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

With his profound expertise in Jade Culture, Chen Jian integrates 5000 years of jade culture and traditional craftsmanship of ancient jade with contemporary aesthetic.


张春记,1999年中国美术学院研究生毕业,硕士。同年入上海书画出版社(朵云轩)工作至今。现为上海朵云轩拍卖有限公司业务经理,总经理助理。 Zhang Chunji, graduated as a Master from China Academy of Fine Art in 1999. Later that same year, he joined in the Fine Arts Publishing House of Shanghai Duo Yun Xuan Group. Currently, he is the Business Manager and Assistant General Manager of Duo Yun Xuan Auctions Co. Ltd.


于文盛 1956年1月出生,山东青岛人,南京大学文博专业毕业,曾任上海朵云轩副总经理,现任艺术顾问。

Yu Wensheng was born in January 1956 at Shandong Qingdao. He graduated from the School of History (Archaeology), Nanjing University. He is the former Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Duo Yun Xuan Group and currently is the Art Consultant of Shanghai Duo Yun Xuan Group. “中国传统文化”讲座主讲人: 日期:6月26日


Speaker of “Chinese Traditional Culture”

Date: 26th June

Theme: The light of Yinxu – Discovery of the Oracle Bone

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