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Amateur Astronomical Photographer

主题2016 日全食摄影分享会 (中文)


时间:2:00pm - 3:00pm


主题2016 日全食摄影分享会 (英文) Total Solar Eclipse 2016


时间:8:00pm - 9:00pm

讲座内容:Photography sharing about the Total Solar Eclipse happen in Indonesia on 9/3/16.

Speaker: Ms. Teoh Hui Chieh

難得一次發生在東南亞的日全食,我們一夥人到了印尼的 Luwuk 進行觀測及拍攝,借這次機會跟大家分享我們的經驗及日全食作品。 A rare total solar eclipse occurred in Southeast Asia region. We move as a group of people to Luwuk, Indonesia. To do observation and photograph the solar eclipse. Thus, would like to take this great opportunity to share with you our experience and images of the total solar eclipse that we have photographed.

讲师简介 姓名:陈伟伦 职业:马来亚大学 - 科学院物理系 - 空间物理研究室 - 研究助理 副业:巴生兴华中学天文学会教练 及 远距天文观测小组导师 专业:天文观测技巧、天文摄影、太阳观测与研究 南洋商报副刊旅游版 - 《天外来客》专栏作家,内容以天文旅游、天文普及为主 小学六年级对天文学产生兴趣并开始进行天文观测 Name: Chin Wei Loon Occupation: Coach / advisor of the astronomy society at Hin Hua High School, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Profession: Astronomical observation technique, Astrophotography and researches on Solar Activities. Other: Columnist in Nanyang Siang Pau supplement Tourism Version. About all aspects in Astronomy.

主题: Art Astrophoto with ART lens

日期: 19/6/2016

时间: 3.30pm to 4.30pm

讲座内容:分享采用 Sigma ART 镜头拍摄出来的星空摄影作品

主题: Art Astrophoto with ART lens 日期: 19/6/2016 时间: 3.30pm to 4.30pm


作为星空摄影,镜头的品质是其中一个很重要的因素,大的光圈能够更短时间的捕捉到微光的星点,而且可以呈现更多的细节;镜片采用的品质都非常讲究,这可以增加清晰度,以及减少产生的色差,这几点在Sigma ART系列的镜头做到了,在此特别分享利用了ART系列镜头拍摄出来的星空照片。

For astrophotography, the quality of lens is one of the most significant factor, large aperture helps in captures the dim light of stars in shorter shutter speed and produces more details; materials of the lens is important, as it can improve the clarity and produce less chromatic abberation factor. The series of Sigma ART lens is the one can match the few mentioned above, therefore the astrophotos that are shared here is capture using ART lens.


曾经从事设计师,也是摄影师,虽然现在已经转行了,不过还是兴趣在摄影,尤其是星空摄影。1996年毕业于马来西亚艺术学院,专修商业平面设计,第二年1997年就自立了设计公司,直到2011年因为梦想要盖一座属于大家的天文台而转行了。 在2002至2009年也兼职担任过艺术学院的艺术系导师, 2003至2004年担任了本地天文学会寻星天文学会的副会长,之后在2004年與另外一位天文攝影愛好者陳偉倫成立了以天文攝影爲主題的《天影社》,也担任了社长至今。 常到国内外拍摄星空照片,摄影作品也多次在国外天文杂志及报章刊登,包括著名的Sky & Telescope及台北星空。

Gradient Lok used to be a graphic designer and a photographer, he then switched his career, but photography is still his greatest hobby, especially astrophotography. Gradient Lok graduated from Malaysia Institute of Art in 1996, major in Commercial Graphic Design. He had established his own design company one year later in 1997. He had decided to change his career path in 2011 when he dream about to build an observatory for the people.

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