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巴生艺术协会 Klang Artists Association

巴生艺术协会在1981年成立并注册,至今已31周年。创会人是陈金沙老师、龙田诗、谭绍贤、张耐冬、池始华、张天相、吴文正、潘国佑等。本会的会员有50多位,来自巴生、莎阿南及滨海一带的书画家。会员的作品媒介包括: 油画、水彩、胶彩、水墨画、蜡染、素描、书法、混合媒介、摄影、拓印、刻印章等。艺协两年一次选举,每年都举办会员画展,数次联展,会员个展等,大家步伐一致,同心协力,发扬艺术与文化不遗余力。

Klang Artists Association was founded by a group of artists and registered in year 1981. The association consists of 54 members from around Klang, Shah Alam and along the coastal area. Spearheaded by Mr. Tan Kim Sar, followed by Mr. Long Tien Shih, Mr. Tiew Nai Tong, Mr. Tham Siew Inn, Mr. Teo Thian Sin, Mr. Goh Boon Cheng, Mr.Puah Kok Yew and others. The members art work mediums showcases oil painting, acrylic, Chinese ink, batik, sketch, calligraphy, mix-medium painting, photography, glass printing, stone stamp carving etc. The association undergoes election once every 2 years and organizes several event every year including member art exhibition, joint exhibition, as well as individual exhibition. Hand in hand, all members are united altogether to contribute upon shaping a bright future for Malaysian art and culture

曾昭承, Meet 聚 152cm X 152cm

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