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排舞 PJU Line Dance Council


Having seen the popularity of line dancing as a healthy lifestyle activity in Petaling Jaya, YB CMF initiated and helped establish the PJU Line Dance Council in 2003 to promote this activity to the community in general. In almost every open neighbourhood space and community halls, line dancing was ‘the exercise’ to perform in unison with body rhythm, footwork and popular music styles! Be it mornings or evenings, fellow residents will meet on a regular basis to learn new dances and moves from their teachers. This was and still is a healthy lifelong exercise for people of all walks of life.

Since then , PJU Line Dance Council (PJU) has also organized and collaborated with the Government as well as other NGOs in promoting line dancing, the highlights of which are:

  1. A ‘Care to Dance 2006’ Charity Event.

  2. Tarian Muhibbah in 2007, recognized in the Malaysian Book of Records.

  3. ‘Jalinan Rakyat’ Line Dancing in 2009

  4. Participated in ‘Tarian Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia in 2012

A much sought after event was PJU ’s Annual Christmas & Unity Line Dance Party organized on an annual basis towards year-end in PJ City.

PJU is led by Elena Tan, and ably supported by community leaders Eileen Thong, Ann Martin , Mary Wong, and also Line Dance teachers Aylicia Loong, Liew Peng Wah, Tang Sook Yen and Tan Hau Kiang.

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