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拿督韩春锦 Dato’ Hon Choon Kim 《镜头下的本南人》摄影集分享会 Sharing Session on 《The Penan Through the Lens 》



分享会将于本月12日(星期日)上午11时,在马华大厦Banking Hall举行。


After retiring from his ministerial position, former eduation minister Datuk Hon Choon Kim picks up photography to capture and document the life of the Penan tribe on camera.

With the latest release of his book entitled ‘The Penan through the lens’, Datuk Hon wishes to share his unique experience with the public during his stay at the Penan Village. It is hoped that such sharing session will raise awareness on the less privileged community and more people will come forward to help them.

The sharing session will be held on June 12 (Sunday), 11am at MCA’s Banking Hall.

The book will be sold for RM100 in conjunctions with the Blossom Arts Festival at Wisma MCA. In addition, there will also be a series of photographs for sale from RM500. All proceeds from the book sale will be channeled towards funding the education of the Penan children. As what Datuk Hon believes, education is the only way out of poverty, and the ultimate solution to better life.





Dato’ Hon Choon Kim, 67 years old, former deputy Minister of Education, started to indulge in photography after he retired. He hopes to enrich his retirement life by capturing beautiful moments through lens.

He published his first book titled ‘Searching for Light’ in 2013, recording the beauty of nature.

In the past five years, he has gone to Long Seridan for 14 times, which is one of the Penan area in Sarawak, and eventually completed The Penan Through The Lens photography collection, focusing on the lifestyle of Penan tribe, hoping to raise public awareness on Penan through this photography collection comprising 118 photos and 8 article.

All proceeds collected from the book sale will be donated to Education Fund supporting the Penang students and their studies.

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