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New Era College 民间历史文献和马来西亚华人研究- Local Chinese historical documents and Chinese studies in Malaysia

讲座会主题 : 民间历史文献和马来西亚华人研究

Local Chinese historical documents and Chinese studies in Malaysia

2) 团体简介

董教总新纪元学院是马来西亚华社多年以来创办民办高等学府的心愿。新院的 成立归功于长期以来热心民族教育、关怀文化发展及人力发展的人士的不懈努 力。新纪元学院座落在雪兰莪州加影的华侨岗上,占地 8.5 英亩。此校地,原属于 华侨学校产业受托会,于 1974 年捐献给董教总作为兴办高等教育机构的用途。 1994 年 8 月董教总正式提呈申办学院的申请。3 年后,在 1997 年 5 月 28 日终 于获得马来西亚教育部批准开办,并于 1998 年 3 月 1 日正式开课。

New Era University College Malaysia was conceived many years before the approach of the new millennium as a community-funded tertiary institution. Its realisation today is the result of deep commitment and persistence by those in the community who care about our society’s progress through education, culture and human resource development. The 8.5 acre piece of land on which the campus stands was originally donated by the local Chinese associations in Kajang to Dong Jiao Zong (The Chinese School Committees and School Teachers Associations) in 1974 for use as a tertiary-level education institution. The desire of the community for a tertiary institution as an extension of the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) has been determined and unwavering as manifested in the enthusiastic response to the fund-raising campaigns to start the campus. Planning for the University College started in earnest when a formal application for a University College license was made in August 1994. After waiting for three years, the University College was eventually approved by the Malaysian Education Ministry on 28 May 1997. The first intake of students at New Era University College started their courses on 1 March 1998.

3) 讲座大纲


Chinese studies in Malaysia focus mainly on the traditional documents. Besides being collected and used by the local scholars, local historical documents are generally not being emphasized. Recently, this situation has changed. More and more researchers pay attention to these local historical documents and their values. However, the categories and characteristics of these local historical documents are insufficiently discussed and sorted. This seminar tries to introduce the Malaysian local historical documents and probe its function on Chinese studies.

4) 讲师简介

廖文辉博士 ,国立台湾大学历史系毕业,马来亚大学中文研究所硕士,中国厦门大学历史学博士。现为新纪元学院马来西亚历史研究中心主任和中文系高级讲师、中国华侨大学华侨华人文献资料研究中心兼职研究员。著有《许云樵评传》、《马新史学80年——从南洋研究到华人研究(1930-2009)》、《华校教总及其人物(1951-2005)》、《华教历史与人物论集》等书。曾参与中国之《世界华侨华人百科全书》和新加坡之Southeast Asian Personalitise of Chinese Descent: A Biographical Dictionary的撰写,编有《直凉华人志暨资料汇编》、《张礼千文集》、《许云樵来往书信集》、《百年尊孔大事纪年稿》和《沈慕羽资料汇编》系列丛书,有近60篇学术论文发表于海内外。

Dr. LEW Bon Hoi ,B.A. (National Taiwan), M.A. (Malaya), Ph. D. (Xiamen) .

Head of Centre of Malaysian History, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature Department, New Era College and research associate of Huaqiao University, China. Among his publications are Hsu Yun Tsiao, Eighty Years of Historiography in Malaysia and Singapore: From ‘Nanyang Studies’ to ‘Chinese Studies’ (1930-2009) (2010), The United Chinese School Teachers’ Association of Malaysia and Its Leaders (1951-2005), and A Collection of the History on Figures of Chinese Education in Malaysia. He has edited The Chinese of Triang District: Local History and Source Materials, Collected Works of Zhang Liqian, The Correspondence of Hsu Yun-Tsiao, The Confucian Chronicle, 1906-2006, and Compilation of Documents on Sim Mow Yu. Has published nearly 60 academic papers including contributions to Encyclopedia of Chinese Overseas (Education, Science and Technology) and Southeast Asian Personalities of Chinese Descent: A Biographical Dictionary.

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