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国际汇演 - Aswara Dance Company

1994年成立的国家艺术学院,通过传统和现代舞蹈、戏剧、文字和音乐的教育来塑造马来西亚特征。 2011年,在森那美基金的捐助下,成立了这家全职的专门公司以造福出色的 舞蹈班毕业生。

In 1994, the National Academy of Arts, was established to champion a Malaysian identity through education of traditional and contemporary dance, theatre, writing and music. In 2011, funds from Sime Darby Foundation enabled the full-time professional company to be established for outstanding dance graduates. ASWARA Dance Company is now a shining example of Malaysia’s plurality embodied in its repertoire. The company has won innumerable awards as well as national and international grants. Major productions include Women On Top, 3 Faces, Makyung Dewa Indera Indera Dewa, Two, 2 by 2, Take Off!, Panchali Sabatham, Connecting Communities – National Dance Tour as well as local and international performances.

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