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长乐集团 Aged Care Group


Aged Care Group (ACG) is an organisation engaged in the business of elevating and providing aged care services in Malaysia. ACG advocates a healthy, happy and dignified lifestyle for senior citizens through its information portal, research and strategic partnerships with the government, organisations and corporations. Our aim is to have an integrated platform by providing a framework of action by creating a sustainable ecosystem through meaningful partnerships.

讲题与大纲 Theme and Synopsis

孝亲敬老与现代社会的联系 .


Timeless values meet modern means

The traditional model of adult children caring for ageing parents is no longer sustainable due to changes within the family structure.

Using storytelling , inspired by true events , the speaker will share experiences on timeless values such as filial piety, love, dignity and how we care for our family, loved ones and elderly has changed but still able to contribute selflessly to their well- being.

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