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共享空间专业舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre


编舞: 马金泉、叶忠文



Choreographers, Anthony Meh and Aman Yap were very interested about the Jia-Gu Wen (甲骨文, 'Jia-Gu' literarily means shells and bones, 'Wen' means word) during Ying and Shang Dynasty and it transformation throughout the ancient chinese culture development towards the present. After a few years of extensive reading, the choreographers learned that the earliest pictorial symbols of Jia-Gu Wen slowly transformed into various styles of writing along the history. The characteristic changes of writings in different timeframes trigger the choreographers to deliver the idea of presenting the differences in forms, spirits and layout arrangements of various calligraphic scripts in a dance choreography that records the transformation of writing from the beginning until present; from the earliest Jia-Gu Wen to regular, cursive, running and wild scripts of the Han calligraphy, and lastly, wrap up with the particular Sim script of local renowned calligrapher Sim Mow Yu to represent the cultural extension of calligraphy in overseas Chinese community. They hope that 'Ancient Inscriptions' can provide an opportunity for local Chinese to understand and appreciate their origin of culture, and at the same time, to promote inter-racial cultural understanding and exchange.


第三章 沈体篇 Sim Script (Sim Mow Yu's Calligraphy)


Sim Script (Sim Mow Yu's Calligraphy) Presents the philosophy of local educator and calligrapher Mr Sim Mow Yu, 'calligraphy reflects the personality of the writer' by depicting the integrity, stability, certainty, dignity, generosity and honest personality of Mr Sim. The cane symbolizes the spirit of Mr Sim, flexible yet gritty, that rooted deeply in his calligraphy.

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