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和太鼓·翔(Wadaiko Syo)

和太鼓 · 翔(Wadaiko Syo)

和太鼓翔是日本鼓音乐乐团,或称为TAIKO。该乐团于2006年由Nakanishi Takyuki先生创立,创立的宗旨是为了提高和推广国人对日本鼓艺术的兴趣。该乐团积极为他们的演出创作。和太鼓翔不仅在国内演出,他们也把日本鼓的精神带给远东地区各年龄与文化层的人民欣赏。

和太鼓翔的成立 Mr. Nakanishi Takayuki 是吉隆坡和太鼓翔团体的教练。Nakanishi老师在学习与教导日本鼓方面有超过20年经验,曾参与马来西亚与其他国家的文化交流演出。

曾参与的活动 •Taiko表演@巴生音乐节 (2013年8月) •Ichi Da Ichi Ei 8周年纪念演唱会 (2014年5月) •ISETAN新年庆典 (2015年1月)


WADAIKO SYO is a group of music performers featuring the Japanese drum, or TAIKO. The group was founded in Malaysia, 2006 by Mr. Nakanishi Takayuki with the aim of broadening public interest in Japanese drums in the country. The group actively composes and performs unique melodies in all its performances. WADAIKO SYO has not only performed in Malaysia but also widely in the Far East, sharing the sound of the Japanese drum with peoples of all ages and cultures.

Founder of WADAIKO SYO

Mr. Nakanishi Takayuki is the accomplished Japanese drum instructor of the Japanese drum group WADAIKO SYO in Kuala Lumpur. Nakanishi-Sensei has been learning and teaching the Japanese drum for more than 20 years. His experiences include cultural exchange performances in Malaysia and other countries.


  • Taiko Performance @ Klang Music Festival (Aug 2013)

  • Ichi Da Ichi Ei 8th Anniversary Concert (May 2014)

  • ISETAN New Year Performance (Jan 2015)

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