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雪隆书画家协会 Klang Valley Calligraphers & Painters Association











与此同时,社会企业家热心赞助,慷慨提供展览的平台,让我们这个初生的书画家协会有幸在环境雅致怡人的吧生Centro Mall 广场





Klang Valley Calligraphers & Painters Association

The newly established Klang Valley Calligraphers & Painters Association is a brainchild initiated by

founders including Ng Juat Wah (M. A. Edu), Hia Chin Ngan, Wong Han Zhong, Chong Buck Tee, and many more.

Since its inception on 15th May 2016, the association aims to collectively gather efforts from all Chinese calligraphers

and painters within the Greater Kuala Lumpur vicinity in the pursuit of significant development for the calligraphy and painting art scenes.

By systematically supporting each other along the pathway to garner greater achievement,

members of the association join hands to uphold the aspiration of promoting art culture in every day’s life as well as in the society.

Following the intensive cultivation of art sense that nourishes the society, formation of a harmony ambience in the society is underway.

As early as in the beginning stage, Klang Valley Calligraphers & Painters Association received overwhelming responses from the artists community,

many of them did their part to register as members of the association.

To date, our association accumulated 35 members of all ages from within the Klang Valley vicinity.

Mediums of our artwork include paint, ink, gouache, watercolour, batik, mixed mediums as well as calligraphy.

All members are keen to promote Malaysia’s multicultural uniqueness.

Harnessing nature’s charms with enriched human elements, plenty of artworks were produced.

Not least, our association is pleased to obtain great supports from well-known local artists as well as local personnel and organisati

ons that strongly recognise our organisational mandate. Among them include solicitor Yeong Chee Wei ASA who is our legal advisor,

well-known painter namely Chong Buck Tee and calligrapher namely Martin Goh Teck Hui who are kindhearted to give advices as organisational advisors,

alongside with other experienced, famous artists who enrich the associations by leaps and bounds with voices from the young and the young-at-heart.

Furthermore, generous sponsorship from honourable entrepreneurs provides platform for all of us in this newly incepted art association to exhibit our artworks.

Every month, we consecutively conduct individual or joint art exhibitions in Centro Mall, Klang. Indeed a great encouragement to upkeep our spirit.

Targeting towards shaping social harmony, public support has been very crucial.

Our efforts would eventually bear fruit only when all of us are consistent and persevere to keep faith and spare no effort to promote art development.

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