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马来西亚美术家协会 Malaysian Artists Society



我们的宗旨是为了提升会员在美术绘画的水平,鼓励与本地及海外美术家互相交流及分享彼此的创作理和 举办美术研讨会去把绘画艺术推广给会员及美术爱好者等等。

Malaysian Artists Society or Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia (PPM) was established on 6th November 2008 after gaining approval from the Malaysia Registrar of Societies. PPM was jointly initiated by a number of artists from Malaysia who are working on different types of painting medium. Therefore, PPM is one of the multi painting medium art societies in Malaysia.

Malaysia is dominated by three main races and each race possesses her own culture and ways of living. With tolerance from all, these differences have become one of our country’s uniqueness. In the 20’s, crafts and decorative arts were excellent in this country. There was a group of artists from China who travelled and migrated to Penang and Singapore. Based on the themes of local environment, culture and customs, flora and fauna, they painted by combining the painting techniques of various races to produce artworks of tropical expression and colors that best represent the art of Malaysia.

Our aims are to improve the standards of member’s drawing and painting skill,to encourage the sharing of ideas and exhibitions among local and overseas artists, to organize seminars in the form of artistic discussions to promote the learning of art to members and general public who are interested in aesthetic art and so on.

.ShirleyChu朱绍瑛-Mount Kinabalu-70cm x 70cm 2016

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