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马来西亚艺术家协会 1 Malaysia Artistes Association

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马来西亚艺术家协会简介 (中文)

马来西亚艺术家协会于1980年由艺术前辈创立,尔后被短暂冻结。 2002年会长沈桂方成功申请解冻,积极为民请命、为艺术界谋福利,尔后协会活动频密、会誉日隆,后因内部一些问题,导致协会注册被撤消。 2011年协会再次由沈会长成立一个马来西亚艺术家协会,增设社会服务、推动艺疗,协助忧郁与自闭症者。

A brief background of 1 Malaysia Artistes Association.

The Malaysia Artistes Association was formed by a group of senior artists in 1980. However, it was suspended shortly thereafter. In 2002, Mr Sum Kwai Fong reactivated the Association and took charge as President and his focus on protecting the welfare of the artists in the industry gained the Association a good reputation. Unfortunately, internal strife set-in and the association was subsequently deregistered. In 2011, again through tireless effort of Mr Sum, the 1 Malaysia Artistes Association was established with an added mission to promote social services and healing through art, especially for autism and depression.

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