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叶逢仪 Yap Hong Ngee

叶逢仪 Yap Hong Ngee




Yap Hong Ngee, born in 1943 in Mentakab, Malaysia and graduating from Beijing central Art College, China. He is a the President of Selangor Shuui-Mo Ar Society, member of the International contemporary Ink Painting Association, and Programme conductor on flower arrangement in the Mandarin channel of radio Malaysia

Yap Hong Ngee have many solo Exhibition start from 1965-2007, and have Over 30 exhibition at Ginza, Mitaka, Japan, Korea and etc.

He have get award such as Took part in Comtemporary Malayan Art Traveling Exhibition, India, Philippine, Awarded with Challenge Trophy on the best exhibition of young Friends craft exhibition KL, Bronze in 99th International Art emperor Yan Competition, China and etc.

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