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谢锡明 Cheah Sek Meng


Graduated from Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA), Cheah Sek Meng currently pursues a career as a full-time art professional. To date, he has hosted nine solo art exhibitions and participated in numerous group art exhibitions. He lives his life in simple but diligent manner, devoting life to art and becoming an example of resolute persistence and unwearied perseverance. He committed 48 years of his life in determination to uphold his philosophy that revolves around the appreciation for the virtues of humanity and the values of historical heritage. As how his principle holds, he demonstrates an immense ‘affection for nature’ that extends out to how his drawings portray our absolute responsibility toward nature. Along with these, he too expressed his constructive moral ideas and it’s righteousness behind each art to honor our forefather and to cultivate the spirit within our children. He is a devoted artist that shares the need to shoulder the responsibilities of our community that includes to uphold the society purpose, promote the significance of culture heritage appreciation and to bring out the unique essence of Malaysia.

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