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饶劲毅 Yew Chin Yih



1975年生於马来西亚。2000年毕业于台湾海洋大学水产养殖系。 在2009年以油彩画了一张“100个笑脸”给女儿后,便开始画家生涯。 自2010年开始成为职业画家,擅长以acrylic 颜料绘画猫头鹰系列。 作品包括:《森林的消失》、《七彩世界》等。 Born in 1975 in Malaysia. In 2000 he graduated from the National Taiwan Ocean University - Department of Aquaculture. In 2009 he, used the greasepaint medium to produce the theme "100 smiley faces" to his daughter, thus beginning his career as a painter. Since 2010, he became a professional painter, specialising in the use of acrylic paint Owl series. Arts works include: "Disappearing Forest", "Colorful World".

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