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中国结导师—郑国民  Chinese Knots- Mr. Tee Kok Wee

郑国民在6、7 年前从书上钻研中国结,无师自通学上了这门手艺。为了吸引很多人了解甚至学习这门手艺,他不断研究大胆创新的中国结款式,除了编制成传统的吊饰,还可以编出动物玩偶,以吸引年轻一族的目光。

Since starting research on Chinese Knots from books about 6 or 7 year ago, Mr. Tee Kok Wee has somehow mastered this art by himself. To attract more people to be interested in the Chinese Knots. Mr. Tee Kok Wee has boldly innovated more designs of his own, other than just traditional styles of knots whereby there are even animal or doll-shaped knots to attract the younger generation.

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