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《纸皮玩国》‘Cardboard Country’


《纸皮玩国》是专门从事纸皮制作与设计,创办人是DP TAN。自2013年以来,我们设计了50多个纸皮项目,为儿童和青少年设计了纸皮艺术展览和许多纸皮创意亲子活动。我们还设计了自己的玩味和时尚的纸皮家具与创意活动配件。在《纸皮玩国》, 我们相信创新和可持续性的当代设计文化。

’Cardboard Country‘ is specializing in cardboard creations & design.Creator by DP TAN. Since 2013. we have designed over 50 projects in cardboard creation, cardboard art exhibitions and many cardboard activities for kids and teenager. We also designed our own fun and stylish cardboard furniture line . At Cardboard Country we believe in a culture of contemporary design supported by innovation and sustainability.

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