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华总二十四节令鼓推动组 24 Festive Drums

二十四节令鼓,为马来西亚华人文化,成立日期于1988 年6 月12 日,由已故陈徽崇老师及陈再藩老师(小曼)合力创办。节令鼓的历史源起是在1998 年中华公会举办的第九届舞蹈节(即九舞)时九鼓串击为九舞开幕演出。





24 Festive Drums,Established on the 12th June 1988, the Malaysian Chinese community witnessed the birth of the 24 Festive Drums which was founded by two talented local cultural activists - Mr. Tan Hooi Song and Mr. Tan Chai Puan (also known as Xiao Man). This culture is based on the 24 seasons in the lunar calendar, traditionally marked by festivals. It is a unique presentation of drumming, music and poetry which inspired by the creation a performance for the 9th National Dance Festivals Dance.

To date, the drumming culture of 24 Festive Drums has spread throughout the nation and to overseas countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States of America and so far there are over hundreds of 24 Festive Drum teams being established globally.

The advisory committee of the 24 Festive Drums Development Department – under the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia is committed in actively promoting not just on the 24 Festive Drums drumming culture but also the unique Malaysian Chinese culture to the public and also the younger generations.

Being the main platform for the national 24 Festive Drums culture, the Federation of Chinese Association 24 Festive Drums Development Department would like to express their thanks to all our supporters, coaches, teachers and other relevant parties whom have worked with us in sustaining their drum teams from one generation to another.

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With the collaboration between the Association of Malaysia 24 Festive Drums and the 24 Festive Drums Development Department from the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia are teaming up in organizing the 2017 Blossom Arts Cup 24 Festive Drums Regional Competition (Central Region) on this 30th August 2017 (2 pm) at Wisma MCA’s San Choon hall. Apart from promoting the development of the drum teams throughout the region, the competition not only aims at improving the percussive skills and performing arts among the participating drum teams but also to strengthen and proliferate the spirit of inheriting the 24 Festive Drums drumming culture. This competition shall witness an approximately 300 drummers from participating teams coming from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan to compete against each other. Consequently, winning teams will be selected to represent the Central Region to compete in the upcoming nationals – The 5th 24 Festive Drums National Elites Competition 2018.

Unlike in the past, this is the first time the Regional Competitions are being organized nationwide where the winners from Northern, Central, Southern, East Coast and Borneo region are selected to qualify for the Nationals Elite Competition. Within these two(2) years, the regional competitions for all four(4) regions (Northern, Southern, East Coast and Borneo) had been successfully completed and the Regional Competitions for the Central Region being the final Regional competition is just the tip of the iceberg towards a bigger and highly anticipated showcase of a higher degree of percussion performances in the Nationals Elite Competitions.

Early Bird Tickets (until 10th of August) are now on sale at RM30!

For more information please contact Checkmate Creative at 017 382 8637

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