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吉隆坡汉风舞蹈团 Han Fong Dance Ensemble

吉隆坡汉风舞蹈团是大马创立较久的一个以推广华族民间舞蹈为主的艺术团体,至今已培育了超过百名专业及业余舞者。曾参与无数国内外比赛及演出, 获奖无数, 并深受舞蹈届人士好评 。

汉风舞蹈团的首要宗旨是推动本地舞蹈艺术,尤其华族舞 - 民族舞、古典舞、现代华族舞等。同时,也提供一个表演和学习空间予习舞者。


Han Fong Dance Ensemble aims to promote Chinese dance in Malaysia. Encompassing traditional, classical and contemporary Chinese dances, it also provides opportunities for dancers to perform.

The ensemble was formed in May 18th, 2002 when Kuen Cheng Girls’High School Chinese Cultural dance club and its alumni collectively produced our inaugural dance exhibition‘Ancient Inspiration’.

Under the initiative of dance instructor Wong Cheong Chee and several alumni members, Han Fong Dance Ensemble was officially registered in 2005 as a not-for-profit organization under the Societies Registration Board.

节目简介 Performance description

《承風啓舞》 “Dance. In Legacy"

承先,啓後 。由古典到當代,民族到民間。


首要宗旨是推动本地舞蹈艺术,尤其华族舞 - 民族舞、古典舞、现代华族舞等;推广华族舞蹈文化和提升马来西亚人民尤其儿童对华族舞蹈的认识 以及能提供演出平台,学生也能借此机会吸收不一样的体验。

Inherited the past, ushering in the future. From traditional to contemporary, from folk to ethnic.

A touch of elements, a sense of movement. A legacy in dance.

Our Purpose of the activity is to promote the local dance art, especially Chinese Dance, including folk dance, classical dance, Chinese contemporary dance and etc. Then, this activity can to promote Chinese dance culture and to improve the understanding and knowledge of Malaysian and younger generations about Chinese dance and To provide a dance performance platform, and creates more opportunity for student to gain more experience on performing.

Tickets now on sale at RM30!

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