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拉曼大学学院合唱团 Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Choir (TAR UC Choir - Voichestra)

拉大学院合唱团成立于2004年,目前由洪耀芬老师顾问兼指挥, 翁颖艳老师担任钢琴伴奏兼助理顾问,同时由苏珊珊老师为外部指导。本团举办过多场合唱交流会和参加国内外活动时荣获多项奖项, 如亚洲之声国际合唱音乐节的最有潜能成人合唱团奖和优秀文化指挥奖 (2013年) 及银奖和最有潜能合唱团奖 (2014年), 2015年澳门国际合唱联盟世界合唱博览会的金, 银奖等。

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Choir (TAR UC Choir - Voichestra)

TAR UC Choir, established in 2004, currently has around 40 active members. The Choir is privileged to be served by its founding advisor cum conductor Ms. Ang Yaw Feng, piano accompanist cum assistant advisor Ms. Regina Ong Ween Yen, and external choir instructor, internationally acclaimed choir trainer Ms. Susanna Saw. Since its establishment, TAR UC choir had organized several Choral Exchange Programmes and actively performed in various choir events. Through participation in international competitions, TAR UC Choir has won some coveted prizes including: Voice of Asia International Choral Festival (VOA) 2013- the Most Promising Adult Choir Award and the Conductor Prize for Cultural Excellence Award; VOA 2014 – Silver Award and the Most Promising Choir Award; IFCM International Macau Choral Competition 2015– Gold Award (Category B11: Chamber Ensemble) & Silver Award for (Category B3: Youth Choirs / Mixed Voices) plus many other minor prizes.

节目简介 Performance description:


拉曼大学学院合唱团分别在2011年, 2013年和2015年成功在校园举办三届的合唱交流会,所有三届的活动都得到了鼎力支持,尤其在第三届合唱交流会成功吸引了18个本国合唱团和来自瑞士的艾格隆学院合唱团来参与,让合唱交流会达到另一个高峰。


This is the 4th consecutive choral exchange programme organized by TAR UC Choir Society. The objective of the choral exchange programme is to provide a platform for different choir groups in Malaysia to showcase their talent in choral singing, broadening choral singing knowledge, as well as upgrading choir singings skills.

The 1st choral exchange programme took off humbly in 2011 with participation from 5 different choir groups; the 2nd choral exchange was subsequently held in in 2013 with enlarge participation from 7 choir groups. This was followed by the roaring success of organising the 3rd choral exchange in 2015 which attracted 19 choir groups were held at the TAR UC Campus.

In retrospect, all 3 previous events received highly encouraging support from Malaysian choir groups. This year, hosting of the 4th choral exchange programme sets the target of attracting about 7 choir groups to participate. Performance time is restricted to 10-15 minutes for each song. It is fervently hoped that the coming event will give all invited choir groups a chance to experience singing in a different environment equipped with excellent, laudable acoustic effects system and lighting effects.

Tickets now on sale at RM30!

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