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沙廸亚赛吧吧思菩提合唱团 Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir

沙廸亚赛吧吧思菩提合唱团在2001年首次于印度白草园为世尊赛峇峇演唱。然后合唱团于2005正式成立。合唱团演唱曲目广泛,除了演译巴赞颂歌合唱歌曲-弘扬世尊赛峇峇爱的教义,也演唱佛曲,圣歌,优秀的中国民歌,艺术歌曲,现代创作歌曲和外文合唱歌;丰富了团友的业余生活, 同时也将优秀歌曲通过演出介绍给群众。

我团曾参加2007年德国国际文化交流基金会(INTERKULTUR Germany)主办, 印尼文化旅游部协办的亚洲首届亚洲国际合唱比赛(1st Asian Choir Games)中, 分别在Mixed Choirs 和 Music of the Religion 两个比赛组别中获得铜银二奖。2012年后, 在谢世鸿老师孜孜不倦的声乐指导下, 合唱团团员都受益匪浅,进步有嘉。在2013雪隆欢乐之声小组观摩赛上,思菩提合唱团荣获首三名特优奖。合唱团除了多次受到赛组织受邀演唱于印度,Andra Pradesh, Prashanti Nilayam赛峇峇道场, Sathya Sai Pre-World Conference for Zone 4, MDIS Campus, Singapore.

也参与本国雪隆欢乐之声合唱交流会以及和各合唱团交流会演出, 一再获得好评。合唱团热情欢迎广大的声乐爱好者加盟,以情相邀,以歌会友,相识相惜!

The Choir had its first presentation in before our Guru Swami Sathya Sai Baba in Brindavan, India in the year 2001 in conjunction with the celebration of Wesak and was received with good acclaims by both Swami and the crowd.It was officially formed only in 2005 had since then made subsequent presentation before our Guru Swami Sai Baba in India in 2006,2007 and 2015.

In 2007 the Choir, assuming the name of Kuala Lumpur Sai Baba Chinese Choir, participated in the 1st Interkultur Asian Choir Games in Jakarta. The Choir achieved a Silver Diploma in Category 16 for Music for Religion and Bronze Diploma in Category 7 for Mixed Choir respectively.Since 2012, under the untiring efforts of Mr Jeson Chia, The Choir again won the award in the KL/Selangor Choir Competition in 2013. In 2004, the Choir had held a Concert performance entitled “Melody of Love” in Kuala Lumpur – Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur.

In2016, Sathya Sai Baba Seputih Choir continues to improve and excel in its presentation in “Melody of Love II” in San Choon Hall, Wisma MCA as one of the musical performances under the Blossom Arts Festival organized by Malaysia Chinese Association.

节目简介Performance description:

这一支拥有实力的独特合唱团,除了佛曲、圣歌、民歌、外文及现代艺术歌曲,也演唱多种方言及本地创作,在谢世鸿老师孜孜不倦的教导下,进步神速,歌声美妙,自不在话下。大马著名五大男高音,即北马的许良恩(香港毕业、 父亲许元良乃成名作曲家、母亲陈岳鳯则是歌唱家)、中马的谢世鸿(中国音乐学院硕士)与李锡耀(英国 University of Hull 音乐硕士),南马的陈志轩(美国 Mannes College of Music 音乐硕士)与纪礼昇(毕业于美国南阿拉巴马州立大学),自 2011 到 2015 期间,先后分别在吉隆坡、巴生、新山、关丹与槟城,举行了热烈空前的巡回演唱会,让听众听出了耳油。

此次因缘殊胜俱足,这歌声足以绕樑三日的大马著名的五大男高音,将与思菩提合唱团,共谱“爱的旋律 III" 。歌唱艺术不含政治、政党、种族、宗教倾向。

The Melody of Love Concert is back. The Concert’s third installment will feature, for the first time, five of Malaysia’s greatest tenors.Each with proven records of their command of the highest vocal range for men, tenors Kee Loi Seng, Tan Chee Shen, Jeson Chia, Lee Shiak Yao and Xu Liang En will be serenading audiences at Wisma MCA’s San Choon Hall in Jalan Ampang this August 11th.

The tenors are world-class musicians – having performed on international stages and had won numerous music awards in the past – the coming Melody of Love III concert is sure to enchant.The ensemble of five will perform a wide variety of songs including Chinese Art pieces, traditional folk songs and also arias from Italian operas on the evening of the concert, held in conjunction with the Chinese Blossom Arts Festival. The concert will feature both group and solo performances from the five tenors.

Tickets are now on sale at RM60 and RM120!

For more information, please contact Ms Mei at 012 345 1890 or Ms Chuah at 012 273 3025

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