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雪兰莪人镜慈善白话剧倡办于1917年的人镜慈善白话剧 (简称人镜)成立于1920年2月1日,以研究改良戏剧、音乐、歌咏、艺术及慈善为主。取名人镜,意为「以人为镜,可知得失」,盼望社会人士为社会、人群、慈善而服务。据华社研究中心出版的《移山图鉴》,白话文和白话剧的兴起反映了发起的「中国新文化运动」对本地侨民社会的影响,人镜以改良传统粤剧为宗旨,对民间文化贡献巨大。中国地方戏曲也随着华工移民被带入马来西亚,人镜作为马来西亚第一个剧社,自然成为本地戏曲兴衰的见证者,因此就历史意义方面可谓举足轻重.

Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association was founded in February 1, 1920, with the main objective of preserving and promote the art of music singing and dramatic performance. The name Yan (meaning human) and Keng (meaning mirror) is to symbolize the reflection of one’s life and character through art and to promote social obligations to the local community through service and charity works.

According to the publication of the Xinhua News Agency, the rise of the vernacular dramatic art reflects the influence led by Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi's Chinese "New Culture Movement" to the local immigrant society. Yan Keng thereafter continues to promote and improvise the traditional opera culture and with important historical significance to becomes the first dramatic association in Malaysia to promote the traditional opera art and culture.

节目简介 Performance description:


随着粤剧渐渐步上黄昏西沉的阶段, 人镜慈善白话剧社粤剧部鼎力推广粤剧文化,务求为热爱粤剧工作者争取更多演出的机会,也让粤剧部部员们有个平台及机会来积极磨练与满足其表演欲。同时亦为喜欢欣赏粤剧的观众们留下一个喜悦难忘的下午。

<粤韵戏梦古今情>整个节目以音乐师父现场伴奏,务求达到真实气氛效果。<古><今>意表以折子戏及对唱方式呈献。节目内容包括<狄青夜闯三关>,<红豆相思>,<刁蛮公主戆驸马>,<红鸾喜>,<梦会太湖>, <红楼梦之幻觉离恨天>,<潞安洲>及<帝女花之香夭>。首首名曲为观众带来扎实的视听觉享受。


“An Evening Extravagance of Cantonese Opera” aims to promote and preserve the traditional culture of Chinese opera so that followers of this regional art can continue to enjoy this performing entertainment.

In the wake of this dying art, Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association Opera Section is upholding its principle to promote Chinese opera and to strive for every opportunity for its members to perform the traditional art on stage. At the same time, it also aims to provide an entertaining evening for the audience.

“An Evening Extravagance of Cantonese Opera” is a live performance backed up by a group of experienced Chinese musicians to bring about a solid entertainment. The programme consists of excerpts from various well-known stories which include “Warrior Di Qing”, “Red Beans”, “The Sassy Princess and Her Blunt Husband”, “Fairy Hongluan”, “Fan Li and Beauty Xi Shi”, “Dream of the Red Chamber”, “Province Lu An” and “The Story of Princess Chang Ping”.

Cantonese opera has been an unforgettable treasured memory for the elderly. In the presentation of “An Evening Extravagance of Cantonese Opera”, we aim to bring back fond memories of the past to the elderly audience and at the same time hope to attract the younger generations to appreciate this traditional art so that it will not eventually be lost in the transition of time.

Tickets now on sale at RM30!

For more information, please contact Mr Ron at 012 387 5188

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