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马来西亚世纪华乐团 Malaysia Century Chinese Orchestra



Malaysia Century Chinese Orchestra was officially renamed in 2017. With the help of MCCO’s experienced administration team, MCCO have been active in performing since then.

Starting from MCCO’s latest concert in 2016, a percussion concerto ‘A Tribute To Percussio’, to the New Year’s theme concert ‘Vibrant New Year’ in 2015; MCCO have been introducing many exhilarating and exciting concerts for audiences to enjoy, which is proven to be a great success with the number of audiences who came to support.

Not only have MCCO’s ensemble concerts been given great appraisal, musicians in the orchestra have also shown their individual talents through performing in smaller scale concerts such as the 2016 Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia by collaborating with Pizz Chamber; and the ‘Spark Pluck’ concert in 2015 with the majority of Pipa players, showing that unique and talented musicians are the characteristics of MCCO.

The growth of the orchestra till 2017 is not complete without the help of new members and elite musicians from different states in the country.

MCCO aims to promote and perform throughout the country, seeking talented musicians, and providing a platform for individuals who are filled with passion for music.

节目简介Performance description:


Pizz Chamber is a quartet established by four youth Pipa player in Malaysia. Aim to promote Pipa performing arts, the quartet also strive to bring repertoire of different genres to audiences. Members include Sim Teck Sing (Muar), Ho Wei Kyun (Kuala Lumpur), Eng Choon Wee (Kuala Lumpur), Ong Chin Siang (Penang). Through different musical elements and styles using traditional instruments, the performance is not only the showcase of skills, but also the passionate about music. Not forgetting the tradition, as time goes on, chemistry between "tradition" and "innovation" has created the fun and fancy musical world.

Tickets are now on sale at RM20!

For more information, please contact Mr Eng at 016 263 8091

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